Generate your own Fandango Ticket QR Codes

Purchasing tickets online is great.  Being able to choose your seat while doing it is even better.  Why someone would request your Phone number in order to “text you your ticket” is beyond me.  Most of us have access to e-mail on our phones these days.

With Fandago, the process is pretty convoluted.  On your computer, you purchase your ticket.  You then have the option for them to “text it to you”.  The only thing they do is text you an HTTP link which contains the ticket.  Why not just give me this link from the get-go instead of wanting my phone number for spam purposes?

Well, stop giving Fandango your phone number.  I have found a better way.  It seems that the QR Code they send you is merely your confirmation purchase number.

CONFIRMATION #11457111*******

You can try it yourself.  The next time you get a QR Code (or use one of the old ones), scan it and see what shows.  So, what does this mean?  Well, this means you can simply copy the confirmation number (11457111*******) from your e-mail on your phone into a QR Code generator and just use that at the ticket booth to get your ticket.

Stop giving Fandango your phone numbers for no reason other than for them to store it for “marketing purposes”.

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